krill-300x195I’ve talked a lot about the Omega-3s EPA and DHA in previous articles because they’re such an important part of supporting heart health. And if you read my previous post on krill oil, you know it’s a good option if you want to supplement your Omega-3 intake. But I haven’t specifically explained why I choose to take it. So, here are three reasons I supplement with krill oil, in combination with fish oil:


#1 Krill oil supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Taking a krill oil supplement providing EPA and DHA helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range. That means krill oil helps support the balance of “good” HDL and “bad” LDL. When those numbers are balanced, you have plenty of good HDL. And since HDL helps keep the blood vessels open by bringing circulating bad cholesterol back to the liver, your blood is able to flow effectively through your body, which supports heart and total health.


#2 Krill oil is structurally different.

Krill oil contains the Omega-3s EPA and DHA in phospholipid structure, rather than the triglyceride form found in fish oil. What’s important about this type of structure is that it mirrors the structure of the human body’s cell walls. Some researchers believe this may make krill more absorbable by the body, but research is still being conducted to confirm the hypothesis.


#3 Krill oil complements my healthy diet.

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of my lifestyle. But even though I usually have fatty fish twice per week, there are some weeks when I’m not able to. When I’m traveling, for example, it can be difficult to keep my diet as balanced as it is at home. A krill supplement helps support my levels of EPA and DHA during times when I may not be getting enough of the fatty acids. I appreciate that I can supplement my healthy diet with the Omega-3s in a krill oil supplement.


If you’re struggling to get enough Omega-3s through diet, there are a lot of options for supplementing. My preference is a combination of fish oil and krill oil, for all of the reasons above. Do you take an Omega-3 supplement? If so, what kind do you take, and why? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.