Please join me on my new adventure. I spent 40 grueling years doing basic scientific research. Yes, it was hard, but I enjoyed every minute of it.   It was both intellectually and professionally challenging. Now I want to share my work, not only with scientists, but with the entire world.  As those of you who follow me know, I have endeavored to help you understand the elegance of Nitric Oxide. But this is not enough!! I want you all to help me make Nitric Oxide a Household name. By sharing it’s secrets we can help people understand the road to healthy living.


Surprisingly, the great majority of people worldwide have no idea what nitric oxide is. I use the word surprisingly because nitric oxide is arguably the “miracle molecule for healthy aging”, and everyone wants to age in a healthy manner. The basic biomedical research responsible for this discovery was recognized by the awarding of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to the three scientists who made the key discoveries. Having been one of those three scientists humbles me. When one considers the scientific argument that nitric oxide is the most important molecule in our bodies that keeps us healthy, it is quite surprising that so few people know what nitric oxide is. Aren’t you curious about what this molecule is and how it keeps us healthy?


The goal then for my “New Adventure” is to slowly re-introduce Nitric Oxide to my website. Let’s review the history and importance of this miracle molecule. I will link this information to other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As you follow along YOU will become an expert, and able to share this exciting news to your family and friends. With your help we can make this miracle molecule, Nitric Oxide, a “Household Name”. #nitricoxide #heathyliving #miraclemolecule #hearthealth