Lou-and-Sharon-300x201My wife, Sharon, and I like to go on a few bicycle trips a year. Each of us looks forward to these vacations, when we get to leave behind our day-to-day responsibilities and just be outdoors, moving our bodies and enjoying life. We’re both grateful for our health and the ability to lead active, vital lifestyles.

Why do we call it a “bicycle trip” and not just a vacation? Well, spending our leisure time on our bikes allows Sharon and me to experience new locales in a unique way: There is nothing like the uninhibited feeling of putting wheels to the road with beautiful scenery surrounding us. We average 40 to 70 miles on our bikes each day, and that includes 2,000 to 5,000 feet of climbing. These daily rides burn anywhere from 2,500 to 4,500 calories.

Of course, being able to ride this much daily for a week at a time requires a lot of hard work and training. And perhaps the most important part of sustaining my workout is my nutrition.

Here’s what my diet typically involves when I go away for a weeklong cycling vacation:


Evening before: Pasta; salmon or lean beef; veggies for protein and carbs

Breakfast: Three eggs; large piece of Italian or French bread; Formula 1 shake

During ride: Two water bottles, one containing 2 scoops of Prepare and one with 2 scoops of Prolong; two protein bars for fuel

Immediately after ride: Cold Rebuild Strength shake

Remember that it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor or dietitian to get personalized nutrition information to support your exercise routine.

At 72, I’m capable of so much more activity in my older years than I ever was in my forties and fifties, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and targeted nutrition. I look forward to many more weeklong cycling trips and destinations to explore alongside my workout partner and wife, Sharon.



Tell us: What nutritional strategies do you use to support exercise performance?