In a perfect world, we would all eat healthy, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and rest, and have low levels of stress. But life isn’t perfect. And sometimes it’s emotionally difficult, such as during a time of loss of a loved one or another traumatic life event.

In an article on DiscoverGoodNutrition.com, Samantha Clayton bravely shares a challenging situation and the toll it took on her emotional and physical fitness. She then offers practical tips for maintaining health and well-being during a difficult situation. Chances are we will all need her advice at some point—or many points—in our lives.


Here’s the link: http://www.discovergoodnutrition.com/2014/01/stay-on-track-despite-stress/


If you’ve dealt with a difficult situation like Samantha’s, how did you maintain emotional fitness? Please share with me in the comments. And for more ways to support wellness, read, “6 Surprising Benefits of an Active Lifestyle.”