28 Days of Heart HealthHere in the United States, the entire month of February is devoted to creating awareness around a critical issue: heart health. For me, February 1 is a happy day because it launches an exciting opportunity to build discussion around the issue of cardiovascular wellness. For an entire month, there are commercials, campaigns, conventions, articles, interviews, infographics, educational materials, and other media, all devoted to the critical issue of protecting the heart and spreading information that can empower people to stay heart-healthy. Each time the topic of heart health is brought up, it sparks conversations and creates awareness. For all those reasons and more, February is a wonderful month.

But I can’t help but wonder: Why limit Heart Health Month to the U.S.?

Of course, there are other countries that devote a day or month every year to heart health. South Africa, for example, celebrates the heart throughout September; the U.K.’s British Heart Foundation has its Ramp Up the Red on February 7. And the World Heart Organization is making great strides to unite the world one day each year on World Heart Day, which takes place on September 29. Each of these organizations is making a big impact by helping educate large groups of people about heart health. Yet, I feel as though something is missing. And that something is Global Heart Health Month.

Starting such a movement takes an army of people inspired by the same goal. As a part of Herbalife, you have an incredible connection to people around the world, most who care deeply about health. With over 2.5 million Independent Herbalife members in over 80 countries, there is an amazing opportunity to unite together to make the first ever Global Heart Health Month, but with a unique message. Our message, of course, is not just the importance of heart health—it’s the exciting story of endothelial health.

This month, I challenge you to do three things:

  1. Share the endothelial health story with at least five people. They can be family, friends, co-workers—basically, anyone with a heart. Not sure what story to tell? Reference my previous post, “Why Focus on Endothelial Health?” and explore HeartHealthInitiative.com.
  2. Tweet your heart-health inspiration. Mention me on Twitter and use the hashtag #heartmission. I’ll retweet the messages that inspire me!
  3. Help others visualize the movement. Save and upload this Global Heart Health Month image, and upload it as your social media profile picture; this is a great way to get the endothelial health conversation started. I’ll be changing mine for the entire month of February.


The world is large; it’s too big for one person to change. But, together, we can reach out and change lives. Won’t you join me in launching Global Heart Health Month?

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