exercise-seniors-1-200x300You’re probably aware of the amazing benefits of Niteworks®. NO is an important molecule with many functions in the body that increase blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Since Nitric Oxide (NO) levels are the lowest at night, taking Niteworks® each evening supports your body’s ability to produce NO and also helps supports blood flow, circulation and healthy blood pressure. Niteworks® contains amino acids and antioxidants that support the natural production of NO at night when NO levels are at the lowest due to reduced activity.


Here’s how NO can be naturally increased during exercise: Exercise increases the flow of blood within the arteries. This increase in blood flow is called “shear stress,” and this shear stress is a potent stimulus for NO production. In human research, exercise training improves vasodilation (opening) of the blood vessels not only in the active muscle group, but also as a systemic response when a relatively large muscle mass is activated regularly. What this means is that the more a person exercises, the more NO the body produces, and the greater the benefit throughout the body. The authors of the study concluded with the statement, “Improvement in [Nitric Oxide] function provides one plausible explanation for the cardioprotective benefits of exercise training.”


In other words, NO may be one of the main reasons why exercise is so good for the body.



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