N4Y0204-300x200I’ve spent over a decade traveling the globe on behalf of Herbalife. In those 10-plus years, I’ve traveled over a million miles, and spoken to over 5 million people. I don’t tire of this demanding schedule; I thrive on it. It’s a privilege to meet the many people who are changing their lives and influencing others to do the same. The stories I hear inspire me to keep spreading the message of endothelial and heart health.

And the traveling isn’t slowing down. In fact, in 2014, I’ll be making a lot more trips, meeting more good folks at Herbalife all over the globe. I just might end up in a city near you!

As I travel, I plan to post updates on HeartHealthInitative.com, Facebook and Twitter. I’d love to have you join me in “reporting” these events by sharing photos, “checking in” on Facebook, or live tweeting using #LouTravels. Reach out to me on this site or on social media, and let me know if you enjoyed the event. The interactions I have on these trips—in person and online—make them incredibly worthwhile.

Here’s a short overview of my confirmed travels so far in 2014. The list will grow, so watch for updates:

February 14–19: Italy and Spain: Herbalife

April 2–6: North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine special lecture

May 1–5: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Herbalife

May 8–11: New York City: Mount Sinai lecture

May 12: Irvine UCI lecture

May 13–20: Italy NO Symposium

June 15–20: Cleveland: International NO Meeting

June 23–24: UCLA lecture

October 2–4: UCLA lecture

December 8–10: UCLA lecture


Thanks for continuing to inspire me during my travels. Perhaps we will get the opportunity to meet someday in the near future.