Member SpotlightI enjoy seeing Independent Herbalife members doing big things with their health and lives. When I heard that member Nique Callantine was starting a noteworthy Nutrition Club to inspire others in her community to get healthy, I wanted to hear more.

What’s different about her Nutrition Club? Nique told me she’s formatted her club in a “triad”—literally, a triangular format—based off my concept of the heart health triad: healthy weight, nutrition and exercise, and heart health. She’s come up with a brilliant way to implement the idea in a real way that can help people live healthier lives. She’s focusing on the keys for total health, helping people in her organization and community become their best, healthiest selves.

I wanted to hear more, so I asked Nique to explain more about the Cardio Corner in her new club, what she’s learned since opening her first Nutrition Club, and what she’s looking forward to with this new club and location.

What is the concept behind your club?

I used to see Nutrition Clubs as a retail base and sampling center with an emphasis on daily consumptions. What I’ve now created is a community. It’s a place where people feel like it’s their clubhouse—a place to go and feel good about their new lifestyle and the changes they’re making. It’s a full support system.

We are also including FitCamps within our Nutrition Club, whereas many Nutrition Clubs just focus on the smoothie bar and educational center. We’ve changed ours up a little to be more of a place people feel is theirs—to hang out, get their shakes, stay on their program, meet with their coaches, and do their weigh ins. It’s where all the coaching happens, and it’s a chance for us as coaches to continue that face-to-face relationship, which is what strengthens the coach-client relationship.

Can you tell us about your “triad” approach, and especially the Cardio Corner?

One of the main things we want to do when people come in is provide education. People get very mixed messages on how to be healthy and lose weight. Clearly, fitness is one of the things people are magnetized to when they want to get healthy. But we know that fitness, while important, is only a percentage of getting healthy. Nutrition is a big factor in becoming your ideal self.

We’ve really adopted the understanding that health is a triad. Because of this, we’ve arranged the club in a triangle, with a smoothie bar representing daily cellular nutrition, Cardio Corner featuring our heart nutrients, and fitness and performance nutrition featuring the Herbalife24 line. While it’s not the exact triangle you’ve created on the Heart Health Initiative, we’re hitting the key areas of focus: healthy daily nutrition, exercise nutrition, and heart nutrients, for total health.

People have a need for daily cellular nutrition through Formula 1-2-3 and heart health nutrients from the cardio line. So, one of the features we’ll have is the Cardio Corner, which will focus on all of the heart health products. We’ll also have educational materials because we know that heart health is not well understood, and since we have fantastic doctors who work with Herbalife, we simply want to showcase them and let those doctors teach.

Along with the Herbalife24 line, the fitness and nutrition area of our triangle will feature information on the importance of regular exercise. We’ll also teach people how to fuel and refuel their bodies for those workouts. There are a lot of people out there who are not rebuilding after their workouts and so they tend to be disappointed with their results.

Our particular club features this triad format so people can learn about the three points of total health. We’re really excited about it.

You ran another club before in North Carolina. What have you learned since opening your first club? What advice do you have for other members who want to open a club?

The goal behind a club is to create a movement. It’s not to sell shakes on the bar, and it’s not to have the best-looking smoothie bar in town, either. The goal is to create relationships and an environment where people feel better than they did before walking in and feel really, really good about Herbalife and the Nutrition Club movement. It’s about the experience.

So, lesson number one: it’s not about selling shakes; it’s about creating new lifestyles for people. Lesson number two: you need to already have a little bit of a movement going with people in the community who are already in love with your movement. They become “ambassadors” and take on an emotional attachment to your Nutrition Club movement. The community helps the club grow.

When I opened my club in North Carolina, I had created a little bit of a movement, enough to sustain us, but it wasn’t enough. We were very focused on shake counts. We didn’t put the focus on building the community first.

This new club is amazing. All of the 11 coaches are new in the business, except for a coach I brought with me from North Carolina and me. They’re all committed to the business and club.

The Nutrition Club model I’ve created is completely unique; I don’t know of another system doing it the way we are. I’ve tried several different methods, and this one seems, so far, to be “crackless.” It’s a full contribution system where everyone contributes a little bit and nobody carries the full responsibility, which can be stressful to a Nutrition Club owner. Each person only works about one shift on the smoothie bar a week, so it’s doable for all of us.

 Two words resonate with me when starting a Nutrition Club: contribution and community. You have to have both of those. It’s about loving on each other and giving. And when that happens, everyone wins.

What are you most excited about for the future of this club?

We’re excited about growing the movement throughout the area. The overall design is such that each club should duplicate three baby clubs within the next year. So, in 12 months, we’ll have probably four clubs, and six to nine months after that, hopefully 12 to 15 new clubs in the area.

In any environment in which you’re around successful and positive people, you don’t have any other avenue than to change for the better. As you become better, people are attracted to you. We really believe that the movement itself is attractive to onlookers, clients and coaches, and that as we grow, we’ll powerfully impact the whole community.