Different cultures have different diets. There are a number of reasons for this: tradition, available foods, and even societal values around health and nutrition. And some areas of the world tend to eat and live healthier than others. The region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, for example, is famous for the Mediterranean diet, which many experts believe may be the healthiest diet in the world.

Yet other areas of the globe—including my own Latino community—tend to have diets higher in fat, cholesterol and other foods that aren’t supportive of heart health.

The base of the traditional Latino diet is healthy: beans, grains, rice, fish, chicken, and fruits and vegetables. But it’s the addition of foods like cheese, red meats, sugar, and other high-fat and high-cholesterol dishes that pose a challenge for communities like mine.

Part of my role as vice president of worldwide nutrition training at Herbalife is to help communities across the world learn how to eat and live healthy. I have the honor of being part of a positive lifestyle change for people and of teaching Independent Herbalife members to do the same for others. Working to support health in my own Latino community is especially important to me. I’m joining the Heart Health Initiative with Dr. Ignarro to do just that—provide health education specifically for Latino readers. When Dr. Ignarro asked me to become a regular contribute to, I was thrilled about the opportunity to share healthy living strategies with my community.

I’m here to discuss the topics you’re interested in and to share information about Nitric Oxide, endothelial health, nutrition, exercise and other topics. Since diet is a focus for Latino readers, that will be a major focus of future articles. I’m always open to suggestions on what you would like to learn about, so please, leave a comment and tell me what you’re interested in.

It’s a pleasure to join Dr. Ignarro and the Heart Health Initiative community. I look forward to spreading the exciting message of health within the Latino community and beyond.

What topics are you interested in reading about? How can the Heart Health Initiative best serve the Latino community?


Rocio Medina

Dr. Rocio Medina is the vice president of Herbalife Worldwide Nutrition Training, where she shares her vision for a global community focused on nutrition education.