Nobel* laureate and heart expert Dr. Lou Ignarro explains how a healthy weight, regular exercise and good nutrition extend beyond the waistline—they also impact the heart. He calls it the “Heart Health Triad”: a healthy weight, good nutrition and exercise, and heart health all work together to keep you well. That’s why it’s so important to include heart health in your weight loss or maintenance plan.

If you’re overweight, each pound lost takes you one step closer to a healthier heart. And each time you make healthy dietary choices or get out and exercise, you’re supporting the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Lou Ignarro details how it also works in the reverse. As a person’s heart gets healthier, it actually supports weight maintenance and exercise performance. The healthier the heart, the better the whole body works. That combination of a healthy weight, regular exercise and good nutrition is what make the Heart Health Triad such a powerful concept.

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