L1020773Happy 2016 to all of you!!

Thank you for all of your support over many years.  I must say that I have not been good about updating you on my travels, or my many exciting cycling activities.  I resolve this year to bring you a more personal and thorough look at all of my activities.  As many of you know I closed out 2015 with wonderful trips to Vietnam, Indonesia and China.  When I was at home my wife, Sharon, and I were able to spend happy times together and with many good friends riding our bikes.  I believe we logged about 6000 miles, perhaps a bit more if you include spin class in bad weather or when time was short.

At age 74 I appreciate my good health.  What I particularly enjoy is sharing the knowledge I have gleaned from 40 years of research with scientists, students and particularly YOU, the folks who strive for knowledge .  Together we can explore the changes that help you live a healthier life.

Soon, I will be going back to visit my colleagues in Korea and later in January it is on to Paris.  I already have scheduled trips to Vilnius Lithuania, Naples, Italy and Prague in the Czech Republic. Certainly there will be many more to follow.  I will keep you posted on these activities and more.

Here is to your good health!