How Weight Impacts NO Production

One of the greatest traits of the human body is its ability to restore health. Think about the last personal transformation you saw: Were you amazed at how healthy and vital your friend (or you!) appeared after working to get healthy? When you choose to change something about your health, such as weight, the benefits extend beyond just how you look and feel. Good health decisions impact how your body actually functions.

Research shows that, among many benefits, a healthy weight supports the signaling molecule Nitric Oxide (NO). One study of otherwise healthy overweight women found that weight loss supports endothelial health. Along with helping to regulate blood flow, the endothelium is the factory that produces and releases NO and a handful of other hormones and chemicals that influence all aspects of cardiovascular health.

So, a healthy weight supports endothelial health and NO production, which supports heart health.

Weight and NO production

How does a healthy weight support NO production? Think of how a person loses weight effectively: exercise and dietary changes. Regular movement and good nutrition are the foundation for a healthy endothelium (read more here and here). Those same good choices that lead to a slimmer waistline also support endothelial health and NO production, and in doing so, the heart.

In the same way, a healthy heart supports a healthy weight. As a person’s heart gets healthier, it actually supports weight maintenance and exercise performance. The healthier the heart, the better the whole body works.      

At Herbalife, we focus on whole-body wellness. Starting your day off with a Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix is a piece of the total approach to health. Finishing your day with Niteworks® is a great end to your healthy start. Each complements the other: one targeting a healthy weight, the other targeting NO production.

So, when you’re focusing on losing or maintaining weight, don’t forget the heart. And when you’re focusing on the heart, don’t forget the importance of a healthy weight. They work together to help you reach your wellness goals.

What are you doing to help support total wellness: exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction, or all of the above?