Dr. Louis Ignarro Winner of the Nobel Price in medicine

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Nobel Laureate Releases Memoir Chronicling His Journey From The Son Of Italian Immigrants To The Discovery That Led To Viagra

Nobel Laureate Louis J. Ignarro, PhD, also commonly referred to as the “Father of Viagra” is releasing his long-awaited memoir, chronicling his humble early life as the son of poor Italian immigrants to his rise to internationally distinguished research scientist.

This Simple Breathing Advice From A Nobel Prize Winner Can Turn The Tables On Stress During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Nitric oxide causes the muscle cells (smooth muscle) enveloping arteries to relax, thereby causing vasodilation or widening of the arteries according to Dr. Louis Ignarro in a new paper on nitric oxide and COVID-19.

Nobel Prize Winner Advises Us To Inhale Through Nose, Exhale Through Mouth During Coronavirus Pandemic

One thing I urge everyone to practice during this coronavirus pandemic is to breathe or inhale through your NOSE and exhale through your mouth. The cells and tissues in the nose, but not the mouth, constantly and continuously produce nitric oxide, which is a gas.


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